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Zipporah's Amazon Best Selling Book

Zipporah Israel, is an extraordinary hair braider and Entrepreneur. She's on a mission to empower young ladies all around the world. Along with hair braiding she has dedicated her time to not only focus her talent on the outer beauty, but the inner beauty of young ladies. I'm Pretty, Positive, & Unique is an affirmation journal that provides encouraging statements. This book can help focus a young lady mind on how pretty, positive & unique they really are. Each page has a different positive affirmation and a place for them to journalize. By giving this affirmation journal to a young lady, this book can be a great start to helping our community in a positive way. Join in with the hundreds of people who have shown their love and support.


Mariah-I'm loving my locs! 100... I've added more accessories & been receiving non-stop compliments! I couldn't have chosen a more amazing hairstylist to achieve my vision. Thank you

She goes all in on the Bomb Braider Ms. Zee explaining why these bonnets are the best!

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